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Help Edward Snowden to safety

Truthtellers should be protected, not persecuted or prosecuted. Edward Snowden’s safety lies in the hands of governments who have the power to make the offers of asylum he needs – but political leaders will not act unless they feel the popular pressure to do so. Here’s how we can show governments around the world that their citizens want a safe haven for Edward Snowden.

Edward Snowden’s one-year period of asylum in Russia ends on 31 July 2014 and it has never been more important to demonstrate the support he has worldwide. Showing that you Stand With Snowden is easy. Upload a photo of yourself or your friends, family, and colleagues holding a sign like the ones you can see below. Make sure you mention where you’re from: Courage will formally approach the governments of those countries where the public support for Snowden is strongest to ask them to act.

Represent your country, your city or your region. Show your solidarity and send a message to your government. #StandWithSnowden.

The whole world stands with Snowden – let’s make sure that call is heard loud and clear

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