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Obama commutes Chelsea Manning’s sentence

Finally, Obama has released Chelsea from prison; but only a pardon could undo the precedent set by her unjust conviction


Courage Trustees on Chelsea Manning’s commutation

Vivienne Westwood, Renata Avila, and John Pilger react to the news that Obama has commuted the sentence of Chelsea Manning

Justin Liverman, center left, with his legal team

Alleged Crackas With Attitude associate Justin Liverman signs plea deal

Justin faces up to five years in prison after pleading to one count of conspiracy under the CFAA; sentencing scheduled for 12 May 2017


VIDEO: “Relatively Free” Barrett Brown out of prison and already hard at work

In a new video by Alex Winters, Barrett Brown discusses prison, journalism, and his plans ahead on the six-hour drive to a halfway house near Dallas


Chelsea Manning spends her 7th birthday in prison

Chelsea Manning turns 29 today, as a White House petition calling on President Obama to grant her time served has reached 100,000 signers, forcing the White House to respond


Courage launches emergency fund for Justin Liverman

Courage launches an emergency defence fund for Justin Liverman, who the United States Department of Justice has accused of being associated with Crackas with Attitude (CWA), the group that claimed to have accessed emails from the AOL account of CIA Director John Brennan in late 2015, bringing to widespread attention the vulnerability of a variety of US government computer systems to social engineering attacks

Barrett Brown, just out of prison, enjoys an Egg McMuffin

Barrett Brown has been released from prison; WikiLeaks publishes to celebrate

Barrett Brown has been released from federal prison to a halfway house outside Dallas; WikiLeaks releases HBGary archive to celebrate the occasion