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Courage beneficiary Emin Huseynov granted asylum in Switzerland

Decision comes four months after Huseynov was able to escape Baku on a humanitarian visa


Government threatens 40 years in jail; Matt DeHart forced into plea deal

With a potential decades-long sentence looming, Matt has been cornered into signing an agreement that likely means four more years of jail time

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PEN releases whistleblower protection report

The group of authors and writers condemns the US government's failure to properly protect national security whistleblowers and how that failure undermines critical journalism

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Lauri Love launches legal action to get his property back

The UK's National Crime Agency will have questions to answer at Lauri Love's extradition hearing in April


European Parliament votes to protect Edward Snowden

Motion calling on EU member states to resist attempts to "extradite or render" Snowden passes by 285 votes to 281

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Courage beneficiary Lauri Love explains significance of TalkTalk hack for BBC Newsnight

"Pretty much anyone who has signed up their personal information to a website has had it compromised in some way"


UN Rapporteur calls for whistleblower and source protections in new report

UN's David Kaye says whistleblowers and other sources “deserve the strongest protection in law and in practice” in a new report