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LLsupporters at courtroom

Full coverage of Lauri Love’s extradition hearing, day 2

In the second day of Love's hearing, the court heard testimony from Lauri himself, the CEO of Hacker House, representatives from Jeremy Hammond's and Barrett Brown's support networks, and Lauri's US lawyer, Tor Ekeland; final oral arguments to be held in the coming weeks


Lauri Love to testify in extradition hearing day 2, on hacking for social good

While day one of Lauri Love's extradition hearing focused on his mental health and potential for poor treatment in a US prison, today's hearing will turn toward Lauri's current work at Hacker House, harnessing cybersecurity talents for social good


Full coverage of Lauri Love’s extradition hearing, day 1

A comprehensive Storify of today's extradition hearing in London, where the court heard testimony regarding Lauri Love's Asperger Syndrome and depression, and how he would fare if imprisoned in the United States; tomorrow we'll hear about how digital activists are treated in US prisons


History repeats itself as Lauri Love fights extradition to the United States

Two-day hearing expected to be first major test of the post-McKinnon forum bar; Gary McKinnon's mother says, "We burned our witches, don’t crucify our geeks."

LL dire consequences drawing

Lauri Love’s extradition hearing is just a week away

Tuesday 28 and Wednesday 29 June at Westminster Magistrates' Court in London; come show your solidarity at the hearing and related actions afterwards


VIDEO: Courage and Tactical Tech introduce Surveillance Without Borders at C-base

Courage’s Naomi Colvin and Tactical Tech's Maria Xynou teamed up for a talk at Berlin’s hacker space C-base and a call for action to find new ways of telling stories with the Snowden documents

Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is Courage’s newest beneficiary

The Courage Foundation will focus on European fundraising and campaign support for the WikiLeaks whistleblower, as her legal defence team files its appeal to the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals