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Chelsea Manning

Chelsea Manning is Courage’s newest beneficiary

The Courage Foundation will focus on European fundraising and campaign support for the WikiLeaks whistleblower, as her legal defence team files its appeal to the US Army Court of Criminal Appeals


Europe’s Trade Secrets Directive is still a threat to truthtellers

Courage signs open letter to EU heads of state and government, calling for revision of deeply flawed legislation


RIP Michael Ratner, 1943-2016

Michael was a tireless campaigner for civil liberties, champion of the powerless and friend to truthtellers everywhere; we thank him for his lifelong work for justice


Lauri Love: court rejects extension of police powers

Sarah Harrison: "By making a stand for his own privacy Lauri Love has prevented a further erosion of rights for everyone in the UK, at a time when the ability to store and convey information securely is at risk all over the world."

Love hat

Tuesday 10 May: Lauri Love ruling may create dangerous new police powers

Decision in Love's property case will have serious implications for journalists, advocates, activists, whistleblowers, members of the legal profession and other groups who handle sensitive communications or other data

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Opening of the “LuxLeaks” trial

LuxLeaks whistleblower Antoine Deltour’s trial will take place in Luxembourg from April 26th to May 4th

Love is Key

Love must prevail: Tuesday hearing marks a new skirmish in the cryptowars

Julian Assange says "Lauri Love is fighting this case for the rights of all UK residents against excessive and abusive policing. Because the UK is a laboratory for these kinds of repressive policies, the case will also have wide-reaching repercussions internationally."