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Barrett Brown was in solitary when he won a National Magazine Award

Barrett was in the hole for nearly a week for "information-gathering purposes"; meanwhile solitary is finally under increasing scrutiny


Matt DeHart sentencing scheduled for 22 February in Tennessee

Matt is expected to be sentenced to seven and a half years in prison; sentencing is 22 Feb. 2016 at 11:30 CST at the Nashville, TN Federal Court House


Courage joins global coalition demanding Security For All

Open letter defending strong encryption will be delivered to the world's governments


Barrett Brown nominated for National Magazine Award for prison columns

Three of Barrett's columns for The Intercept are nominated in the Columns and Commentary category; awards to be presented 1 February in New York

Photo via R.L/Liberation

Antoine Deltour’s LuxLeaks trial set for 26 April

Deltour, who came forward in 2014 as a LuxLeaks source, faces charges of robbery, laundering and fraudulent access, and a journalist is on trial as an accomplice


Insider Threat programme monitors 100,000 personnel

According to DOD documents, “leaking is tantamount to aiding the enemies of the United States.”


Courage nominated for Freedom of Expression Award

Nominated for Index on Censorship's annual awards, in the Campaigning category, alongside EFF and dozens of other great free expression advocates