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Liveblog: Julian Assange in jeopardy

Julian Assange’s status in the Ecuadorian embassy has been in jeopardy over the past months. We'll update this blog daily; get in touch to add events

Charges brought against CIA Vault 7 suspect

Espionage Act and CFAA charges levied; Joshua Schulte faces over a century in prison

Judge warns Reality Winner’s attorneys over supporters’ billboard

Though Reality's attorneys had nothing to do with billboard, judge issues stern warning against influencing the public

Edward Snowden: Five years on

The Guardian published the first of Edward Snowden's revelations five years ago today. The contribution of Courage's first beneficiary to the public record has been enormous - and long may it continue! You can explore the archive with our Snowden Doc Search

John Pilger: Justice and freedom for Julian Assange mean free speech for us all

The Courage Foundation announces an urgent campaign to support Julian Assange and demand his freedom. Keep an eye on our live blog for updates.

Military court rejects Chelsea Manning’s appeal

ACCA affirms Manning’s conviction and sentence, rejecting arguments of First Amendment protection and an overbroad Espionage Act, but the legal case doesn’t end here

This Friday: CourageSound podcast launch

First episode broadcasts live at 11pm UK time on 1 June, looking at the case of Reality Winner as we come up to the first anniversary of her arrest